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13 augusti 2019 08:17 av Essen Ikan Lele

Essen Getah Katilayu Ikan Lele Harian

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10 augusti 2019 07:34 av Essen Ikan Bawal Air Keruh

Essen Ikan Bawal Air Keruh

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10 augusti 2019 05:59 av 2 Racikan Umpan Ikan Tawes

2 Racikan Umpan Ikan Tawes dengan Essen Katilayu

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6 augusti 2019 03:26 av Umpan Ikan Bawal

Umpan Ikan Bawal Siang Hari

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5 augusti 2019 10:57 av Essen Ikan Nilem Aroma Nilam

Essen Ikan Nilem Aroma Nilam

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3 augusti 2019 09:19 av World Health Cart


World Health Cart Depending on the nature of the position you are exercising, its height above the ground can be changed. 2. What is happening on aerial yoga ? Traditional asanas are practiced in classes . Exercises strengthen the postural muscles, thanks to which it is possible to maintain the correct posture .


3 augusti 2019 09:18 av World Health Cart


World Health Cart 5 ways to burn more calories while walking You are not a fan of running ? We have good news - experts at the Berkeley Lab in California say that quick marches are just as good for health and fitness as jogging. Walking is the simplest form of physical activity with many health and figure properties. Just 10,000 steps a day to keep in shape and take care of your figure.


3 augusti 2019 09:18 av Umpan Ikan Patin

Umpan Ikan Patin Kolam Air Keruh

The information you convey is very useful, thanks.

3 augusti 2019 08:09 av Click Here

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2 augusti 2019 13:11 av Health Circle 365


Health Circle 365 When lifting the body up and tensing the abdominal muscles, exhalation should be done, and when the body falls and the muscles relax, inhale. Also important is the appropriate time interval between exercise and the last meal intake. If the meal was light, you can start exercising on the stomach after an hour, after a hearty meal - after two hours.



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